By choosing Tidoo, you are also supporting Le Rire Médecin charity, which organises clown shows for children in hospital. You will be part of the reality that is healing with happiness. Thanks to your help, Tidoo has already supported
130 clown shows!

What is the ``Le Rire Médecin`` charity?

In France, one child in two is hospitalised before the age of 15. For these children and their parents, a stay or visit in hospital can cause anxiety, loneliness and distress. To help them better deal with these difficult moments, Le Rire Médecin trains and sends professional clowns to pediatric wards. Through games, Dr Girafe and his 98 sidekicks help children laugh, sing and forget about their illness at least for moments.

More than just providing relaxation and distraction, these hospi-clowns stimulate children’s imagination and liberates them. They also help parents and staff to see the child in a different light by lightening the mood in the hospital and proving that, even here, humour and fantasy can become a reality. In 2013 alone Le Rire Médecin offered over 70,000 improvised shows to children in hospitals, trained (through the Institut de Formation du Rire Médecin) 12 professional clowns as well as many clown groups, and educated the public on how to treat well vulnerable children.

What is its mission?

Look after children and help them to open-up. It’s easier to heal a happy child. Visits from clowns, performing tailor made shows according to the preferences of the child, allows children (and their parents) to laugh, take interest and play. Laughter, a source of endorphins, increases tolerance to pain and provides moments of pleasure that make the daily routine and coming to terms with illness easier.


  • Creating activities, games and improvised shows to lighten-up the child’s experience in hospital, and to help them rediscover their joy of life.
  • Assisting hospital staff by creating moments of joy and fantasy in the hospital that make healing and therapy easier.
  • Helping children and parents to better support hospitalisation whatever the duration.
  • Promoting good treatment
  • Ensuring its spread thanks to the school Le Rire Médecin


Laughter, smiles, and so much more!

The Rire Médecin clown-actors, experienced in health services, always work in duos as comical and conflicting characters. They perform 2 days a week every day of the year in all the services where they are present. The presence of these clowns is a special event each week: not too spectacular and not too repetitive. Children, their parents and the hospital staff can count on their regular presence. This punctuality provides milestones for long-term hospitalisation.