Night&Day, our eco-friendly, anti-leak nappies

Because mums now want to combine safety and peace of mind with protecting the planet, TIDOO is launching Night&Day, its premium range of disposable, anti-leak, eco-friendly nappies made in France, in organic shops and on the internet.

Anti-leak and hypo-allergenic, Tidoo Night&Day looks after baby's skin night and day for 12 hours !

Over a year of research was required to combine within a single nappy the cutting-edge Dry+ leakproof and hypoallergenic technology with an environmental and ethical commitment that is unique in France.


These easy-to-use TIDOO Night&Day disposable nappies will keep babies calm and mothers stress-free day and night for up to 12 hours!

matelas_absorbant_ENAgainst your baby’s bottom is a soft hypoallergenic layer for extra gentle care and safety to prevent redness and nappy rash. With its low thickness, it drains the liquid towards the bottom of the nappy to fully trap it.

Thanks to their two double leakproof cuffs on the sides, Tidoo Night&Day nappies offer all-round extra support for unrivalled protection. Three elastic bands complete the system on each side. The breathable outer micro-perforated netting on the nappy offers total well-being for your baby’s skin, letting fresh air in without the risk of leaks.

Dermatologically tested, Tidoo Night&Day nappies offer gentle care for even the most sensitive baby skin types.


Closing the nappy is easy! Two ultra-adhesive stretchy Velcro fasteners can be positioned and repositioned with complete ease and always stay in place.

Finally, to round off this unique calm experience, give your baby the freedom to discover endangered baby animals – the Asian elephant, the tortoise, the bonobo monkey, the blue whale and the giant panda.


Tidoo Night&Day respects the environment

  • The main pad or layer is made mostly from FSC® chlorine-free cellulose or responsibly-sourced unbleached wood pulp.
  •  The cotton wool used to support the main pad during production is 100% biodegradable;
  • The surface netting is made from 100% chlorine-free oxygen-bleached cellulose.Chlorine-free, fragrance-free and latex-free, TIDOO Night&Day is perfectly suited to even the most delicate and highly allergic skin types.

Tidoo Night&Day supports children in hospital

picto-lrmBy choosing Tidoo, you are also supporting the charity Le Rire Médecin, which organises clown shows for children in hospital. You will be part of the reality that is healing with happiness. With your help, Tidoo has already supported 130 clown shows!

Tidoo’s philosophy is also to enjoy and pass on the benefits of unique French expertise. The Night&Day range is produced entirely in France.

Usage and Recommendations

Tidoo Night&Day provides increased performance if the elastic cuffs are pulled out after putting on the nappy, thus hugging your baby’s thighs.

Tidoo Night&Day reduces leaks for up to 12 hours. However, to make your child more comfortable, change them before and after putting them to bed.

Tidoo products support your baby from leaving the maternity ward all the way through to potty training!

Size 2: Mini (3-6 kg), jumbo pack of 64 nappies
Size 3: Midi (4-9 kg), jumbo pack of 56 nappies
Size 4: Maxi (7-18 kg), jumbo pack of 50 nappies
Size 4+: Maxi+ (9-20 kg), jumbo pack of 48 nappies
Size 5: Junior (12-25 kg), jumbo pack of 46 nappies
Size 6: XL (16-30 kg), jumbo pack of 38 nappies


With its ergonomic handle, your Tidoo jumbo pack is easy to carry.