Tidoo, “Because every moment is unique.”



Because waking up to change your baby’s sheets and diapers after leaks is no fun!

Kilian O’Neill and Geoffroy Blondel de Joigny were distributors of bio, eco, and fair trade products. Distribution taught them that the flagship products in the bio arena, besides food, were diapers and baby care products. And their experience as fathers of three children convinced them it would be useful to promote such products.

At the same time, bio diaper options were still very limited in stores, which carried eco diapers that did little to stop leaks, or leak-resistant eco diapers that cost a lot.


Armed with this information, Kilian and Geoffroy created their own eco baby care brand – Tidoo. They are meeting substantial demand from bio consumer parents, offering leak-resistant eco disposable diapers made in France of 50% renewable materials.

Launched in the summer of 2013, the Night&Day brand of eco diapers gave TIDOO a name in bio shopping. And the line has continued to grow: today, Tidoo is available at several hundred points of sale, all over France and in many other countries.

Another of Tidoo’s commitments: Go beyond the technical.

Designed with respect for the planet, Tidoo products are hypo-allergenic and dermatologist-tested, so they meet baby’s need for comfort. The aim is for baby to be at ease and to have a sense of well-being when mom tends to his or her needs.

Caring for your baby is simply a moment of sharing, using quality products made for the tenderest skin. Tidoo, because every moment is unique.

By choosing Tidoo, you are also supporting the Le Rire Médecin charity, which organises clown shows for children in hospital. You will be part of the reality that is healing with happiness. With your help, Tidoo has already supported 130 clown shows!  > Find out more

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